Why you should go to costa Rica for the birds?

An Ecotourism paradise, nestled between two oceans, Costa Rica accounts for 6% of the world’s biodiversity on an exceptional natural mosaic. Huge expanses of pristine beaches with fine sand, bathed by turquoise waters, and dominated by majestic volcanoes in a preserved nature in its original state that will guide you between tropical jungles and exotic forests. Thanks to a rich fauna and a dazzling flora, this wild oasis between sea and land will delight the lovers of the change of scenery and will make the happiness of the amateurs of the stays-discovery. Overview of the essentials of your trip to Costa Rica from costaricafocus.com/best-costa-rica-tour-companies/.

So as a start let me take you to the Carara

National Park in Costa Rica, where we will discover a great fauna and flora, many species of birds, and also the biggest crocodiles of Costa Rica. The Carara National Park is very easy to access, since it is located at the mouth of the Rio Tarcoles. You can get there from Alajuela, or San José following the road that goes through Orotina, leading to the Pacific coast (90 km from San José, 50 km from Puntarenas). This national park is located at the junction of the dry forest of northwestern Costa Rica and the rainforest of the plains in the south Pacific coast, giving it a special climatic situation.

Do you know what “Carara” means?

Well, the area was before populated by an indigenous tribe called Huetar. In the huetar language, “carara” means crocodile. Yes, it is really from these surroundings that you will be able to admire the biggest crocodiles of Costa Rica, and there are organized visits to see them up close. But what I advise you the most is to go to the crocodile bridge you will enjoy and you will there you can take some beautiful and breathtaking pictures.

The visit of the Carara National Park

First, like any national park in Costa Rica, the entrance will cost you $ 10 but to make it more rewarding I strongly advise you to take a Costa Rican guide, it will help the local economy, plus they have the expert eye to help you find the birds that are numerous yet hidden in this park and difficult to see. Some speak many languages, just ask around

You will absolutely not regret taking a guide because there are over 400 species of birds in this park, so it’s an ideal place for great observers. In addition, it allows you to make beautiful pictures because the guide sticks the camera to the binoculars, it’s the best! So if you were just by yourself, you can miss a lot of things and it would be difficult to know the best places to take pictures from the first visit. in this bird’s paradise, you can see the Orange-billed Tohi, the Red Macaw, the Pink-throated Beakard, the Blue headed Pione, the Masked Woodpecker, the Red-tailed Jacamar and many other bird species But the one the only you Must look for, even though it is very rare and difficult to see in the rest of Costa Rica, it is the red macaw.

The red macaw: is a rare bird because it is the most faithful bird: this bird chooses a single female for life, therefore, in case of separation, or if one of them dies, it will remain alone.

So if the World of birds amazes you Costa Rica is the place for you , shall we start packing.