What to look for in a beard trimmer


A good beard trimmer should be of a great build quality

Quality beard trimmers should be built and constructed of high-quality. This contributes to the trimmer being Durable and having more efficient feature models such a stainless steel and a solid grip. a good trimmer lasts longer and can be used many times without breaking. Thus it important to look for a good high tier model that won’t crack under pressure and that can withstand more challenges.

Ease of maintenance

A good beard trimmer set should contain lubricants and cleaning tools for proper maintenance after use. The blade, blade guards and other components should be able to be removed easily, cleaned and then placed back together for the next shave, we recommend the http://beardcareshop.com/remington-pg6025/.

Blade quality

There are two types of blades used, the high-grade carbon steel blade and the stainless steel. The carbon steel has a consistently sharp edge but is common to rust. The stainless steel provides a smooth cut but is prone to wearing the coating over time.


A good beard trimmer should be flexible to allow a 360-degree angle. The blade comb should be easy to switch out and have control of the power button. A good trimmer should increase the efficiency of the user while using.

Motor power and speed

A powerful motor creates a good trimming experience. A less powerful trimmer will have its blade entangled in thick hair thus destroying the blades. The best beard trimmers to look for are the ones that offer variable motor speed options and can be adjusted, this is critical as different sections of the body and the beard have different levels of sensitivity thus would require different sets of speeds.

Cord or cordless

A cordless beard trimmer is more effective and efficient. They don’t need to be connected to a power source thus reducing the risk of electric shocks. Using a cordless trimmer is convenient and portable as the user can make swift movements while shaving not having to go around the cord.


This is a new extra feature in beard trimmers. There are brands whose trimmer can also do pop up ear trimmers and nose trimmers. They also some brands that have a turbo-trimming model and a vacuum system.

Dry and wet trimming

Depending on the trend of your trimming you will pick the option that best corresponds you’re your trimming style. Grooming routine can be versatile, having a beard trimmer that is flexible and can adjust to both models and switch effectively.

Length setting

A good trimmer should have available length options. Whether you prefer long beard, very short clean cut or somewhere in between the two. The best trimmer to look for is the one that comes with versatility. This allows you to switch through the styles and trends you would like to accomplish.

The top best brands on the market

The top beard trimming brands include Philips Norelco beard and head trimmer, Panasonic Milano all-in-one trimmer, Remington virtual indestructible haircut and beard trimmer,
and Braun ultimate precision beard trimmer for men.