Tips on choosing the perfect leggings

As a leggings lover, perhaps you have at some point been stuck when it comes to choosing the right leggings to wear. The god of leggings is normally a black pair of leggings. Black leggings are common because they are simple and easy to pair with other clothing. They are a comfort zone when it comes to leggings. However, you do not need to find it hard to incorporate this wonder working piece of clothing into your style. The versatility that leggings provide need to be explored . To make it easier for you, here are tips on choosing what leggings to wear at

1. Fabric

Leggings are made of different material. The most common are cotton and Lycra. Suede and leather are other options which are not s common though they are stylish and a good choice.

2. Colors

Leggings come in different colors and shades. This means that you have a big pool to choose from. Note that as you enjoy painting your life with fun colors, ensure that your leggings are not over the top and odd.

3. Size

Getting the perfect size of leggings is an important matter. Never ever should you wear loose leggings or too tight leggings. While looking for the perfect size, you should be aware that leggings differ in size depending on the brand.

4. Choose Matte over shiny fabrics

When choosing leggings, it is advisable to settle for matte fabrics. This is because matte fabrics look more classy and sophisticated compared to shiny fabrics.

5. Pair them with the right shirt

Pairing leggings with long enough shirts makes you look stylish. Also, you should avoid wearing too tight and small fitting tops. Instead, go for loosely fitting and over-sized tops when it comes to leggings.

6. Footwear

It is advisable to pair your leggings with a pair of boots, a low heel or flats. Choosing the wrong footwear will make your look feel off.

7. Length

Leggings come in different lengths. There is full length, three quarter length, ankle length and knee length. The versatility of leggings can be manipulated by combining different lengths with different footwear. You can pair your ankle length leggings with heels for a glamorous and classy look.

8. Pair them with a cardiganLong cardigans do make a great combo when paired with leggings. You can opt for this option if you are unable to get a long shirt or you are uncomfortable with the long shirt.

When choosing the leggings to wear, here are the rules that you should always live by:


1. Wear seamless underwear.

2. Pay keen attention to these details. Length, Fabric and Prints if any exist on the leggings.

3. Wear the right size. If unsure, get a professional fitting done.

4. Pair your leggings with long loose fitting tops.

5. Get the right prints for your body type.

6. Choose the right shoe.

Never ever:

1. Wear thick underwear.

2. Wear a printed top with printed leggings.

3. Wear the wrong size of leggings. Your leggings should neither be too tight or too loose.

4. Wear leggings with crop tops.

5. Step out without feeling fabulous.