Tips on buying jewelry

Jewelry is a great thing to provide as a gift, but if jewelry buyers know nothing about it, it’s easy to spend more than necessary on quality items. Jewelers are in the business of making a profit on selling products, so every price is negotiable between jewelry buyers and the seller even despite listed prices.

For a beginner, it’s essential to learn how to buy jewelry because a mistake can involve spending a lot of hard-earned money on an item that may be bought for less at a different location. Education and research are the keys to buying quality jewelry at the right price from premium stores like theĀ Elizabeth Diamond Company.


Never assume the first price seen for a particular jewelry item is the best deal to be had. A bit of shopping around can produce some favorable results for the wallet. Jewelers may make this a bit harder by trying to have items that are unique and not available anywhere else. However, in many cases a ring or necklace can be found in some stores or a similar version is available.

Use Referrals

Friends and family have likely shopped for jewelry more than once in their lifetime and probably recently. Their opinions can be valuable on which business offers a good selection along with pricing, quality, and warranty work if something goes wrong. While it’s easy to get dazzled by the jewelry itself, many times half the success or failure of a purchase is the jeweler’s service. If a business is less than stellar in how it treats its customers, referrals will likely point that out before jewelry buyers have to put any money down.

Questions to Ask

When examining an item, always ask enough questions to understand the certification of the item and what the store’s refund policy is. Some stores are very upfront while others may be ambiguous about the details until pressed on the matter. Jewelry buyers are responsible for their education in this matter and shouldn’t rely on jewelers to watch out for them if the information has already been provided in some format during the purchase.

The quality and sourcing of the jewelry’s stones or make is essential as well. Typically, a quality jeweler will provide paperwork upon inspection as well as on purchase of an item’s certification. The paperwork will specify the grade of stones included as well as the quality of the metal used. Without this information, attributions about the item have no basis of support and buyers should beware.

Shopping Online

The Internet has produced some jewelry stores online that are advertising pricing far less than brick-and-mortar outfits. However, there is no upfront examination involved, and buyers to take a risk buying first and seeing the jewelry item after the fact. The first step is to only work with legitimate companies with a good history of customer service. This can be easily checked via an Internet search engine using the store’s name and an additional term, “complaints.” If there are problems, the search engine will find related statements.

Again, understanding the return policy of the store is critical. This should also be spelled out clearly on the store’s Internet site. If not, avoid the store. Finally, confirm the store has a street address and is based in your country. If not, look somewhere else for jewelry.


Buying jewelry doesn’t have to be a costly misadventure. With a bit of research, a new buyer can find wonderful items for good prices. Patience pays out in the end, so if nothing else jewelry buyers should never be in a rush when shopping.