Shaving Myths Dispelled

There are lots of myths surrounding the topic of shaving and its impact. The more often you shave, the faster your hair grows – is there somebody who has heard this axiom many times? Since the very childhood, a boy hears this story, get used to it, and perceives these words as an indisputable truth. However, the frequency of shaving is an individual case for every man There are no established common rules – everyone independently determines when and how to shave, what shaving cream to use or not to use it at all. Nonetheless, people with problematic skin are an exception. They are advised to consult with physicians or cosmetologists to find theĀ best shaving cream for men or for themselves.

Therefore, if one does not have skin problems, he can choose the most comfortable shaving frequency based on experience. According to the researches conducted, there is no set of rules regarding the frequency of shaving and the use of shaving creams. Additionally, no shaving cream has a magic capacity to make a beard grow faster or darker. Therefore, if one does not have skin problems, shaving has nothing to do with medical issues.

On the one hand, people with a lack of dermatological problems can be
guided by personal preferences, relatives’ wishes, and common sense. Thus, if a man’s skin perceives every day shaving in a good way. It can be done on a day-by-day basis. However, men should remember that the skin is injured during shaving. Therefore, it is appropriate to give a skin some time to recover from time to time. On the other hand, if a man has a problematic and sensitive skin, shaving every other day or every three days will be desirable to reduce the skin irritation. In general, a beard is considered attractive, adds masculinity and confidence, and creates a certain kind of the proper virile image. In pursuit of a thick dark beard, many men are ready to use any methods having different effectiveness.

Despite of the common rule about the impact of frequent shaving on the future hair, a beard will not grow faster or become thicker. This fact was known half a century ago as this phenomenon was investigated by physicians. The first substantiated refutation appeared in 1963 in the Science Digest journal. Doctor Berman elaborated on the question of how the skin of the face grows after shaving. According to the doctor, frequent shaving in the long term does not affect the hair growth. The article destroyed the erroneous opinion of people who believed in the power of frequent shaving and dark growing beard. In addition, it was proved that the color depends on genetic causes.

Although the frequency of shaving does not affect the growth of the beard, the quality of the procedure helps grow a healthy one. After all, there is always a possibility of traumatizing the skin (especially when rushing) or pulling the infection in, which can affect the further growth. Therefore, shaving cream does not affect shaving at all, but makes it more comfortable and proper.