Purpose of an SS-5 Form

It is filled to obtain another card or to replace a lost or damaged card. It is also filled in if you want to rectify the errors in the current records or to update the new information regarding Change of name, as it may happen in the case, you get married.

There is no provision to submit the form on the web; you can simply download. After completing the form, attach supporting reports that show age and citizenship and mail it to local Social Security workplaces. You can also select to transmit the final form personally at https://www.application-filing-service.com/socialsecuritycard/replacement-social-security-card-child/.

Using a driving license in some situations is possible. In any case, the SD card is vital. In this line, you can not replace it with anything else. Within this total guide, you will learn everything there is to think about this card. You will also become familiar with how to obtain a replacement if yours is lost or stolen.

Situations that may justify the registration of the 88-5 form for another Social Security card or its replacement If your parents have not applied for a social security number

You must show that you do not have an SS number, and the workplaces of the Social Security Administration will talk to you face to face. When you are acquitted, you will complete Form 88-5 and send it to your workplace.

If your card is lost or damaged

The Social Security Administration will replace your lost or damaged card by a maximum number of three times per year. In a lifetime, the maximum you can replace is ten times. In each case, you must complete form SS-5.

After a name change

Your name can change when you get married or after a separation. Because it requires the new name to reflect Social Security records, it is necessary to complete form 88-5 to request another card with your new name. You will be asked to submit your original marriage certificate or legal documents along with the final form.

Due to the change of immigration status

In case your citizenship goes from being a legal housing agreement to being a citizen of the United States, you must request a Social Security card.

To adjust a spelling error in a name or other detail Because there is no provision for this in the form, you must attach a note detailing the error you want to be adjusted. At this time you will take after the same rules to apply, including linking the relevant support reports.

Request a ward

You can request your own adopted tyke. The SS form is the same but will require documents that show that the child is yours. A descendant of any age, even a newly conceived, is qualified. In fact, you must apply Social Security for your child as soon as possible.