Problems that come with bad lawn care

Well maintained lawn is one of the things that defines the beauty and value of a home. However, it needs regular maintenance practices in order to get green and healthy plants. You can always do the maintenance yourself but if the lawn covers a wide area, you should contact a landscaping team from to save your time. Improper maintenance will make the lawn have the following problems:

Light problems

If you let the trees in your lawn have so many branches, they will create unwanted shade in your lawn. Plants require enough sunlight to be able to make food through a process called photosynthesis. Many plants especially grasses are unable to survive if they don’t get enough sunlight. This is evident in lawns that have trees with many branches. Lawns in shaded areas are usually thin and taller as compared to those in well sun-lit areas. The leaves are also smaller and lighter in color and with time, the weaker lawn dies off leaving shade tolerant species of turf grass. This problem can make your lawn to lose many small species of plants that don’t grow tall enough to reach sunlight. You can solve this problem by selectively pruning longer branches of trees and cutting down unhealthy trees to let in more light.

Water problems.

Water is vital for plant growth at all stages. However, plants only require a correct amount of water to grow. Too much water can be catastrophic to plants that are not adapted in water-logged areas. Your lawn definitely doesn’t have any water plants. If you water it with too much water than what it needs, the roots will be deprived of oxygen and the lawn will experience stunt growth or even die.

Too little water is also problematic to lawn. It makes the lawn to wilt and have green patches. If the problem is not corrected on time, most plants will start to wilt and die. Little water will just sustain the plants to remain alive. However, there will be no significant lawn growth. Such dormant lawn is usually weaker and it can’t withstand diseases and insect attack.

Insect attack

Lawn leaves attract many insects such as termites, White grubs, Chinch bugs and Bluegrass bill bugs because it is their food. A termite attack can leave your backyard with little and unhealthy lawn. Mites eat up the lawn from the roots to the leaves. This total destruction of the lawn makes it dry and straw-like in shape. The major problem of mites to lawn is the way they remove moisture from the plants leaving them dry.


Pollution is one of the most discussed environmental problems in the world. Poor Lawn management practices sometimes leads to soil, air and water pollution. Poorly maintained lawnmowers produce a significant amount of smoke which causes air pollution. The total amount of smoke produced by all gasoline fueled lawn mowers pollute air in our cities and the smoke can lead to respiratory diseases. When lawnmowers break down while trimming the lawn, they spill some oil and gasoline. These two liquids are dangerous to micro-organisms living in the soil such as ants. They can also be washed by water runoff into rivers and lakes and affect aquatic animals.

Home owners that apply Fertilizer to lawn at wrong time of the year are also responsible for water pollution. These chemicals are washed off into rivers and lakes and they cause massive growth of invasive water plants and kill some aquatic animals.

Soil compaction

Foot traffic, pet traffic, parking vehicle in the same area and unnecessary play areas have compact soil which is not good for lawn growth. Compacted soil make it hard for lawn to grow and it is characterized by hard soil, poor root system and thin lawn.


Correct lawn management is important if you want to have a good lawn. If you are a home owner or you have a lawn, ensure that you irrigate it with correct amount of water, apply the correct amount of fertilizer at correct time of the year and always service your lawn mowers. If you follow the correct lawn management practices, you will get a flourishing lawn.