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History of Psychic Readings

Psychic readings have a long and illustrious history that spans several millennia. In fact, the evidence of psychic powers can be traced back as long as humankind itself. Psychic readings, in all of their many various forms (even theĀ cheapest psychic readings), have been looked upon by many people as a way of solving problems here in the current physical world. Alternately, they have also been vehemently dismissed by skeptics perhaps equally as often.

A professional psychic may do readings with the aid of one or more “mediums,” so to speak, such as tarot cards, numerology, distant readings, psychometry readings, which is a form of the practice often used in missing person cases, astrology, and a number of other different variations on the core theme.

Distant readings are done without the psychic and client ever actually meeting face to face, or in some cases, even speaking to one another. Much of the same psychic powers used in distance or remote viewing and healing are utilized in distant psychic readings. This form, naturally, has evolved along with technology as psychics use the telephone, email, and the Internet to do readings answering questions from the curious about matters such as love, money, health, and what the future might hold for them.

The allure of the unknown has long intrigued man who often seeks guidance and advice from powers he deems more knowing than himself, which in this case, is the testament to the great attraction of psychic readings in modern society.

Portents and omens, both the good and the bad, as well as superstitions have dictated the thoughts and the actions of countless people through time and in all walks of life. In some ancient civilizations, psychic powers were highly regarded, while just a few thousand years later people were regularly persecuted for being “witches.” Those who practiced their psychic powers were often referred to as occultists, witches, and even devil worshippers, as the psychic sciences were not yet understood by primitive people.

Societies such as the Egyptians, the Greeks, and the Romans were all known to utilize amulets, charms, spells and talismans to channel information and seek predictions and advice about the mysterious future. We know that the very first deck of tarot cards was created in Italy during the fifteenth century and featured Christian meanings and symbols. However, throughout the next few centuries, Christianity was slowly removed from tarot cards. The first evidence of a tarot card reading as we think of them today occurred later in the eighteenth century.

Medicine men and shaman have long relied upon psychic powers and alternative methods of harnessing energy in their rituals and ceremonies either to bring about physical or emotional healing. Divining rods, jewels, stones, and crystals are just some of the tools used psychically throughout history by the man trying to discover the answers that elude him.Psychic diviners have a broad range of methods available to them by which they can attain the insight necessary to accurately read events of the future.

One of the more popular means available is lithomancy, which is today more commonly referred to as casting crystals. The art of throwing diamonds dates back thousands of years and has taken a variety of forms throughout history. Through this process, the psychic uses his or her intuition and experience to read the signs and omens of the crystals, interpreting the underlying messages that they reveal. Psychic readings based on lithomancy require keen insight and a honed perspective on the part of the psychic, and these qualities are only developed with time.