Lawn care: The basics

Lawn work. We all have to do it at some point. The basics of lawn care include mowing, watering, and fertilizing. Lawn care shouldn’t be expensive and one can lower the cost by adopting proper grass care practices, conserving resources, and using environmentally friendly fertilizers. We at will help you get to know some of the basics of lawn care and the equipment you’ll need when starting out.


Mowing is the most crucial aspect of your lawn work. Your lawn will need a lot of mowing, especially during the period from the end of the summer through the fall. The grass needs to be cut high during this period and should be lowered as the fall starts to draw to a close. The height of your lawn mower should not be lowered to more than one-third of the height of the grass blades. This ensures that your grass always gets more sunlight, especially during the winter. Another point you should note is to always keep your lawnmower blades sharp so that your grass gets cut.


Watering is another important step that helps keep your lawn stay green and healthy. This is important especially during the summers, when the temperatures get hot and the leaves begin to dry due to water loss. To get deep roots, it is essential that you water the lawn during cool, humid, low-wind conditions (typically during early morning or late evenings-midnight) in order to distribute the water evenly. Make sure you run the sprinklers 2-3 times a week at most and water deep.


The soil in your lawn will be deficient in nutrients every now and then, and it is therefore, essential that you fertilize it regularly. Organic fertilizers are more environmental and budget friendly, as they are made from plant and animal products. These fertilizers allow for the growth of soil friendly organisms like earthworms and microbes that ensure fast decomposition of grass clippings and good soil aeration.


Good lawn care is done by choosing the right equipment. Many of us might have this question floating in the back of our minds: how much should one pay for lawn care? The answer boils down to your budget. Here are the basic equipment you’ll need to consider for your lawn work and the average cost of each:

Mowers: Mowers come in reel and rotary forms. Reel lawn mowers are more budget and eco-friendly and cost around $90 to $200, while a push or rotary
lawn mower will set you back around $170 to $350.

String Trimmers: Powered either by hand or gas, a string trimmer is a light tool that uses a small, flexible, spinning head with a plastic twine as the cutting
edge. They are used in trimming grass and weeds in steep and irregular terrains where a mower would have a hard time reaching. String trimmers generally cost around $90 to $180, depending on their accessories.


A blower, as the name might suggest, is used for organizing leaves into piles and dispersing clippings. You can get a cheap handheld blower for about $30, though prices for more expensive blowers can go up to $130. Some blowers also have vacuuming ability and can bag dirt and leaves. However, blowers are not absolutely essential and you can achieve the same results using a $15 rake.