How to seamlessly adjust your addresses when moving homes.


Moving from one street, city or country to another is in itself very hectic. With all its logistics and the tedious tasks of packing and unpacking household items, moving is always a challenge. You can easily relate to the sigh of finally having settled in your new home. However, on thing remains key – making sure all relevant people know you’ve moved. Though this one may not involve any hands-on handling, u.s. mail address change is important and equally demanding.

After moving, you need to make sure all your mails, bills, favorite magazines and periodicals get to the right address. While most people wait until they move to change their address, the most advisable time to do it is at least a fortnight before moving.

Before you proceed to change your address, make sure you have the correct new names and spellings. Counter-check the zip codes as well, for faster and accurate deliveries.

So, how do you make sure that everyone who needs to know that you’ve moved is up to date?First, make a checklist about a month before you move. This will aid in making sure you don’t miss anything. Begin with family members, close friends and billing agencies. Then add your banks, tax agencies and other subscriptions to the list. With this, you already have your bills, bank statements, magazines and periodicals safe and ready for your next home. You may decide to update your address online, call customer support or visit the place in person, depending on your convenience and their allowance. The most prudent way is to make sure you have the information updated way before you move. Nothing inconveniences more than not receiving your utility bills in time, since some services can be cut-off is not catered for in time.
After getting all the basics right, proceed to update your new address in other agencies such as clubs and organizations that you have engaged with. They will also need to find you when they need you.

Once you’ve updated all your correspondents, it’s time to visit your postal agency. Make sure they have updated your new address and removed the old address from your guardianship.

Once your new address is set in all the necessary places, you have one more thing to do; update your profiles. We’re living in an era when most of our orders are made online – and in most cases, you ought to have created a profile to access the services. Once you’re settled, make sure you log in in all the places where you’ve created profiles and update your address for accurate deliveries the next time you make an order.

Finally, update your address in your social profiles. Let people who you meet on social media know that you’ve moved – you never know who’s looking for you. It also aids in reaching friends who might have missed your notification or one or two whom you might have missed.

Moving from one hood to another might seem hectic, but all you need is prior planning. Make sure you’re ready for it, and make sure all necessary correspondents know that you’re vacating in time – you don’t have to go through all the hustle!