How much should you spend on a beard trimmer?



A good beard groom builds the power of perception and nurtures prominence and respect. A beard trimmer has revolutionised the art of beard styling as one can trim beards on their own, mixing and matching the different beard styles of their choice. How far should we venture into our pockets to get a corded beard trimmer? The factors that should guide you on how much you should spend on beard care include;

The brand

When choosing electric components, the brand is an important factor. It is satisfactory to use a trimmer that has been made by brands that have already established themselves and proven over time that they can perform. Good trimmers help the user achieve the desired look which and they are highly recommended than going for new products in the markets that are yet to prove their mettle. The best brands in the market include; Panasonic, Braun, Philips, and Braun. It is advisable to spend on these quality brands from

Long or short

Different people have a different preference in the way they want to trim their beards. Some prefer their beards long, others short while others prefer to shave all the beards. There are different types of trimmers made for a suitable way of shaving. If you prefer bald shave off the beards, the suitable trimmer is the stubble trimmer as it shaves the beards completely. If you prefer long beards then it’s advisable to use trimmers with multiple guards. The guards are versatile and variable with the ability to trim of beards to different lengths. This allows multiple cuts depending on the style you desire. It is advisable to have a beard trimmer than stubbles trimmer as beard trimmers’ work for both long and short beards, unlike stubbles that are only for short beards.


The mobility of a trimmer has everything to do with whether the trimmer has a cord or is cordless. It is advisable to spend money on a cordless trimmer because of its flexibility during usage, unlike the corded trimmer that has you tethered to a wall. The trimmers with a cord have to be
connected to a power source and can easily cause an electric shock or electrocute the user. The cordless trimmer can also be packed while travelling. The main advantage of the trimmer with a cord is that it is powerful and has a smooth shaving experience, the cordless trimmer has to be charged and a worst case scenario while using them is for the battery to die while you are halfway shaving.

Wet or dry shave

There are trimmers that can be used in wet conditions and can be used alongside pre-shaving oils or used while one is having a shower. The shaving oils reduce the post-shaving effects on the skin such as irritation and itches. The wet trimmers are used under specific conditions in comparison to the dry trimmers that can be used anywhere with no specific requirements. Well for a fast shave, the dry trimmer is effective though there are effects such as aftershave itches and irritations, unlike the wet trimmers that give the best results with minimal discomfort.

In conclusion,

It is advisable to spend your money on beards that are made by the best quality brands. The codeless trimmer is also recommended as it is more mobile. Trimmers that deliver wet shave seem to be more expensive but come on hand for use without side effects and beard trimmers that can shave both long and short beards are advisable to spend your money on.