Lawn care: The basics

Lawn work. We all have to do it at some point. The basics of lawn care include mowing, watering, and fertilizing. Lawn care shouldn’t be expensive and one can lower the cost by adopting proper grass care practices, conserving resources, and using environmentally friendly fertilizers. We at will help you get to know some of the basics of lawn care and the equipment you’ll need when starting out.


Mowing is the most crucial aspect of your lawn work. Your lawn will need a lot of mowing, especially during the period from the end of the summer through the fall. The grass needs to be cut high during this period and should be lowered as the fall starts to draw to a close. The height of your lawn mower should not be lowered to more than one-third of the height of the grass blades. This ensures that your grass always gets more sunlight, especially during the winter. Another point you should note is to always keep your lawnmower blades sharp so that your grass gets cut.


Watering is another important step that helps keep your lawn stay green and healthy. This is important especially during the summers, when the temperatures get hot and the leaves begin to dry due to water loss. To get deep roots, it is essential that you water the lawn during cool, humid, low-wind conditions (typically during early morning or late evenings-midnight) in order to distribute the water evenly. Make sure you run the sprinklers 2-3 times a week at most and water deep.


The soil in your lawn will be deficient in nutrients every now and then, and it is therefore, essential that you fertilize it regularly. Organic fertilizers are more environmental and budget friendly, as they are made from plant and animal products. These fertilizers allow for the growth of soil friendly organisms like earthworms and microbes that ensure fast decomposition of grass clippings and good soil aeration.


Good lawn care is done by choosing the right equipment. Many of us might have this question floating in the back of our minds: how much should one pay for lawn care? The answer boils down to your budget. Here are the basic equipment you’ll need to consider for your lawn work and the average cost of each:

Mowers: Mowers come in reel and rotary forms. Reel lawn mowers are more budget and eco-friendly and cost around $90 to $200, while a push or rotary
lawn mower will set you back around $170 to $350.

String Trimmers: Powered either by hand or gas, a string trimmer is a light tool that uses a small, flexible, spinning head with a plastic twine as the cutting
edge. They are used in trimming grass and weeds in steep and irregular terrains where a mower would have a hard time reaching. String trimmers generally cost around $90 to $180, depending on their accessories.


A blower, as the name might suggest, is used for organizing leaves into piles and dispersing clippings. You can get a cheap handheld blower for about $30, though prices for more expensive blowers can go up to $130. Some blowers also have vacuuming ability and can bag dirt and leaves. However, blowers are not absolutely essential and you can achieve the same results using a $15 rake.

How long does it take to get a replacement social security card?

A social security card and social security ss-5 is important as it provides access to social security programs and acts as a national identity card for US citizens and temporary workers. It also helps in tax filling and availing financial services.  While one must be very careful to protect social security card from getting lost or stolen, social security administration (SSA) ensures that one can get a replacement card in case of the loss of the original one. It is advisable to report the loss of previous one to the police and SSA before applying for a replacement card.

The average time that takes to get a replacement card is around 10-14 business days. There are many factors that can decide the time taken to get a replacement card.

However, one must go through the following checklist irrespective of the mode of getting a replacement card-

1. See if the person applying for the replacement card is a US citizen or an immigrant, an adult or a child. There are different documents for the different class of applicants. If wrong documents are given, one might have to apply again.

2. If applying within the US, then one can use the form SS-5. If, outside the US, then one needs to use the form SS-5-FS.

3. See if the local SSA office is ready to issue a replacement card on the same day. Some are willing to issue a printout of the replacement card. This is valid and allows them to process documents manually while cardholder can use it like a normal social security card anywhere.

4. An identity card such as a US passport or a US driving license would be required. An employee card or a health card is valid too for non-US citizens.

5. One must provide a citizenship proof too. This can be done through a US passport or through an unexpired foreign passport for non-citizens. US passport can be used for identity verification too.

6. Once all these documents are secured, then one can apply through the desired mode. If applying through the local SSA office, then they might reject the application if documents are not sufficient. It is advisable to call them and explain them the purpose of your visit.

7. If they inform about the backlog of applications for replacement cards, then it is advisable to ask them about the estimated time. It can extend up to 6 weeks.

8. If social security number is required for employment or tax matters, then it is advisable to get a letter from them stating that replacement card has been applied for. However, this facility is not available online or through the mail.

9. If one chooses to apply online, then it would be advisable to carry original documents to the local SSA office and give them online application number. This would easily expedite the process by a few days. Most of the time is taken to manually verify the documents and showing original ones makes things easier for them.

10. One must be sure to track the application either online or offline. They might ask for additional documents at a later date, so one must be ready to visit the local SSA office again when necessary.

These 5 easy steps will make your home moving process simpler

Moving home is a stressful experience, and it can be daunting if not planned well. Your living room, bedroom, garage, basement etc. are accumulated with so many things over the years.
You can simplify the process of moving from one home to another by the

Change of Address With The Postal Office Online and following this simple checklist.

1. Know your Mover:
Once you finalize your big moving day, start taking quotations from several movers. Ask them to perform a thorough check of your entire home.
Avoid websites that give online estimates without reaching your doorstep. Once they see all the movable items, it will be easier for them to give you a better estimate.
After doing a price comparison among all the movers, choose the one that best fits your needs. Get reviews from friends, coworkers, and real estate agents. Almost every mover will provide similar services, and it will usually boil down to pricing. Remember, costly does not always mean better.
2. Start Packing:
Some movers also provide packing services. But that needs lot of supervision as they are not aware of your belongings. You may end up with  important stuff being stuffed in some random boxes that won’t be opened for a long time. In general, it is better to pack the stuff yourself and label them correctly.
3. Identify the important stuff:
All the belongings that will be needed immediately after you move to your new home should be placed in a brightly colored box. This helps in easier identification later.
All the essentials should be packed in the end. Kettles, plates, spoons, and other essentials can be taken along in your personal vehicle instead of loading them on the moving van.
Delicate stuff like ornaments and pictures should be cushioned using towels, sheets etc. Pad the box with books and stationery to safeguard
 them further.
4. Identify the unwanted stuff:
Almost everything from the garage and the basement will end up being unboxed for a long time. Identify such stuff that you won’t need immediately after moving. Pack them at first as they are easier to group together. Load them in the van at last. This way while unloading, you can easily get them stacked in corners. There could be things that you do not want to possess any longer, identify all such stuff and pack them separately based on what you want to do with them like sell, donate or trash.
5. Start packing soon.
Your moving day may be far away, but that is not a good excuse to delay packing. Start soon to ensure that you are not loaded with work until the last day. There will be a lot of other formalities to be done with a moving home. Avoid keeping everything until the last moment.
On the final day of moving, verify the inventory list with the moving company. lf there are specific directions they need to follow in the new home, then ensure they have it with them written on a paper. Share the contact details and keep in touch in case they need your help. Moving home can be stressful, but a little planning can go a long way in making the experience simpler.

CBD Merchant Processor

CBD (Cannabidiol) is an active cannabinoid found in cannabis. The cannabidiol is a compound which offers much more benefits other than getting high. Health experts commend the cannabidiol to a wide range of extraordinary. The Cannabidiol treats a wide range of diseases, for example, various forms of cancer, epilepsy, depression and so much more. Due to the fact that Cannabidiol is gotten from the marijuana plant, this makes obtaining CBD merchant processor very difficult but not impossible. It is advisable for merchants to pursue the accounts since operating the CBD business without one is illegal which can even lead to the serious consequences.
It is basic knowledge to have a permit to operate any business, a legal one for that matter. As stated earlier, it is very difficult to obtain the CBD merchant account and fortunately not impossible. The DEA in The United States of America finds it still illegal although marijuana is legal in 44 states since it is a gruesome process to obtain a GED merchant account. If found by the DEA without the merchant account, it can lead to a fine or even a jail term which can clearly be avoided by obtaining the merchant account.
In 2016, in the United States alone, the sale of marijuana and its products, including CBD, commanded retail value of $668 million CBD making $130 million almost a sixth of the total (according to ’Vote Hemp’). Due to the statistics, it is clearly a very risky business according to the numbers, therefore, the need to have a safer payment system since the amount of cash coming in is massive. With a poor payment system, for example, cash payment, can lead to theft, or even worse, theft gunpoint which can lead to injuries or even death.
CBD merchant processors offer a superb fraud protection service which protects the business owner against fraudsters. You can take a look at a standard CBD merchant processor at Other payment systems, for example, the simple and widely known, cash payments, do not offer the merchant fraud protection, therefore, can easily get robbed off all the money he/she owns. CBD merchants need to open the CBD merchant processors to avoid such avoidable circumstances.
Customer data is very delicate when it comes to the customer and the sales for the merchant. A customer cannot want his/her data to be obtained by another person due to privacy reasons everyone posses. With other payment services, sales and customer data is at risk to the public hence can easily lose the customer. With the CBD merchant processor, you can immediately make sales once you have obtained the merchant account, furthermore, the data of the sales and the data of the customer is properly safeguarded from the public hence retention of the customer.
Without the CBD merchant processor, one can lose a lot of money since no other payment system offers a 24 Hour customer service. They manage orders for you, manage fraud issues, check security and also make payments for you anytime day or night, 24 Hour. So, by using CBD merchant processor, no dime will go to waste since you will be operating day and night.

How do merchants sell CBD?

CBD or Cannabidiol is a non-narcotic or non-psychoactive substance found in pure marijuana. The compound has yielded great results in treating epilepsy, schizophrenia, joint pain and many more. However, the retail sale of CBD is prohibited by the government. CBD oil is only legal in 50 states and it’s sale is a very risky business as bank payment and other payment processes have a lot of hurdles put-forth by the legal authorities as seen on


If done legally, the sale of CBD oil is an extremely profitable venture since the demand is rising by the day. But first, a person must procure the license from legal authorities to become a merchant. And since the business is very risky, the merchant needs to have good financial stability at least for the next 6 months. Many merchants try to push in CBD oil in the name of e-cigarettes and other substances. If caught, the merchant account will be closed and there is severe punishment involved.

Since most of the work is done online these days, the sale of CBD is also preferred online. It is very important to choose the right payment processor which is suitable for high risk businesses like these. There are many payment frauds included in the business and it needs a very secure payment gateway to keep you going. Nonetheless, a merchant cannot use the likes of PayPal, Stripe and Skill as they aren’t meant for such ventures and the account will be closed in no time.


The two biggest obstructions stopping you from being a CBD merchant are-

1. Opening a bank account for transactions- It is by far the greatest barrier present in your way to success. Most banks shy away from opening an account for CBD pursuits.

2. Chargebacks- More the number of chargebacks, less the trust. Chargebacks are inevitable but the merchant must try and maintain a very low rate to avoid his function being shut down.


A secure CBD payment gateway is one which handles all CBD transactions efficiently. But not all online payment gateways are strong enough to handle such risks.

One must look for the right payment gateway which goes hand in hand with the business and knows all the rules and regulations wrapped up with it.

Some of the rules are as follows-

1. The merchant should not sell Cannabis seeds or Medical Marijuana.

2. No image of Cannabis leafs should be present on the merchant website or product packaging.

3. Tobacco or Nicotine shouldn’t be a part of the product.

4. THC (Tetrahydrocannabidinol) should be 0.3 or less.

If you can view such basic rules in the payment gateway’s website, it means that the gateway is being trusted by many merchants and it is not fraud.

The merchant should check the popularity of the payment gateway and look for it’s experience in selling CBD. He/She must read all the rules and regulations prescribed by the gateway beforehand when trying to obtain it’s services.

The payment processor must have partnerships with major banks so that the path becomes easier and less time consuming. It is better if the gateway supports the use of credit cards for purchase operations. Some of the popular gateways like eMerchantBroker (eMB), lnstabill, High Risk Holdings and T1 payments are well versed in the process and are very much dependable.


If you are planning to become a CBD merchant, be aware of all the legal policies and hazards in the business, build up resources, make up your mind and only then try to pitch in. Good luck.

Why you should go to costa Rica for the birds?

An Ecotourism paradise, nestled between two oceans, Costa Rica accounts for 6% of the world’s biodiversity on an exceptional natural mosaic. Huge expanses of pristine beaches with fine sand, bathed by turquoise waters, and dominated by majestic volcanoes in a preserved nature in its original state that will guide you between tropical jungles and exotic forests. Thanks to a rich fauna and a dazzling flora, this wild oasis between sea and land will delight the lovers of the change of scenery and will make the happiness of the amateurs of the stays-discovery. Overview of the essentials of your trip to Costa Rica from

So as a start let me take you to the Carara

National Park in Costa Rica, where we will discover a great fauna and flora, many species of birds, and also the biggest crocodiles of Costa Rica. The Carara National Park is very easy to access, since it is located at the mouth of the Rio Tarcoles. You can get there from Alajuela, or San José following the road that goes through Orotina, leading to the Pacific coast (90 km from San José, 50 km from Puntarenas). This national park is located at the junction of the dry forest of northwestern Costa Rica and the rainforest of the plains in the south Pacific coast, giving it a special climatic situation.

Do you know what “Carara” means?

Well, the area was before populated by an indigenous tribe called Huetar. In the huetar language, “carara” means crocodile. Yes, it is really from these surroundings that you will be able to admire the biggest crocodiles of Costa Rica, and there are organized visits to see them up close. But what I advise you the most is to go to the crocodile bridge you will enjoy and you will there you can take some beautiful and breathtaking pictures.

The visit of the Carara National Park

First, like any national park in Costa Rica, the entrance will cost you $ 10 but to make it more rewarding I strongly advise you to take a Costa Rican guide, it will help the local economy, plus they have the expert eye to help you find the birds that are numerous yet hidden in this park and difficult to see. Some speak many languages, just ask around

You will absolutely not regret taking a guide because there are over 400 species of birds in this park, so it’s an ideal place for great observers. In addition, it allows you to make beautiful pictures because the guide sticks the camera to the binoculars, it’s the best! So if you were just by yourself, you can miss a lot of things and it would be difficult to know the best places to take pictures from the first visit. in this bird’s paradise, you can see the Orange-billed Tohi, the Red Macaw, the Pink-throated Beakard, the Blue headed Pione, the Masked Woodpecker, the Red-tailed Jacamar and many other bird species But the one the only you Must look for, even though it is very rare and difficult to see in the rest of Costa Rica, it is the red macaw.

The red macaw: is a rare bird because it is the most faithful bird: this bird chooses a single female for life, therefore, in case of separation, or if one of them dies, it will remain alone.

So if the World of birds amazes you Costa Rica is the place for you , shall we start packing.

How Freon is Used

We, humans, have a very peculiar habit. The more we get used to something, the more we take it for granted even though it becomes an essential part of our life. Take the stove or the refrigerator for example. They have made our lives so comfortable, but we rarely care about those unless there is a problem. What I’m talking about today is a chemical that runs in the background of all refrigeration and air-conditioning units, Freon, one of the most used chemicals in the world.

Not many people know that Freon is a brand name belonging to DuPont, a gunpowder manufacturer in the United States. Freon, also known as R22, is a type of CFC (Chlorofluorocarbon) that has variety of usage in home and industrial sectors. Though it has brought comfort to our lives, it has some side effects, so it is good to know about Freon, so that we can use it with care or conduct a replacement for r22.

How Freon is Used

Freon, in normal condition, is a gas with a boiling point of -41 degrees Celsius. It means that under -41 degrees, it is a liquid. Freon also requires little pressure (Compared to other gases) to turn liquid. These two properties together with its non-toxic and stable nature have made Freon an ideal refrigerant. It is also used vastly in Aerosol industries.

When used as a refrigerant, liquid Freon is stores in a pressurized tank. A pump then pushes the liquid through small pipes (net-like structure) inside your refrigerator. Once in the pipes, Freon absorbers the heat from the nearby objects and turns into its gaseous state. The gas then flows into a compression unit (driven by the same pump) where it gives away (radiates) its heat and gets pressurized into liquid form again.

Depending on how you set up your refrigerator, the compressor pump increases or decreases its frequency.

As a coolant inside an air-conditioning unit, it uses the same principles as refrigerators. The only difference is that an air-conditioner uses 2 additional fans- one inward and another outward. The inward fan is responsible for the cool air that comes inside. The outward fan is attached to the radiator where Freon gives off the heat.

Aerosol Base
Freon is also used as an aerosol base due to its volatile nature. Whether it is an insecticide or an air freshener, Freon is the base liquid. It is important to mention that Freon itself has no odor or color. Insecticide or perfume is mixed with liquid Freon inside pressurized tanks at the manufacturing plants. The liquid is then bottled under pressure inside the aerosol container and sealed. When you spray, the Freon comes out of the container and quickly turns into gas spraying the content (insecticide of perfume) all over the air around it.

The Side Effect
However non-toxic it is, Freon has a side effect that has turned world attention into limiting its usage at home or in industries. Freon (R22) or any other form of CFCs react with ozone and diminishes it. Though safe to use at home, Freon is harmful for the environment.

Using Freon is not totally illegal yet, but many refrigerator, air-conditioning, and aerosol manufacturers are coming up with safer alternatives. If you still use Freon, you can but think about the environment and use responsibly.

Tips on choosing the perfect leggings

As a leggings lover, perhaps you have at some point been stuck when it comes to choosing the right leggings to wear. The god of leggings is normally a black pair of leggings. Black leggings are common because they are simple and easy to pair with other clothing. They are a comfort zone when it comes to leggings. However, you do not need to find it hard to incorporate this wonder working piece of clothing into your style. The versatility that leggings provide need to be explored . To make it easier for you, here are tips on choosing what leggings to wear at

1. Fabric

Leggings are made of different material. The most common are cotton and Lycra. Suede and leather are other options which are not s common though they are stylish and a good choice.

2. Colors

Leggings come in different colors and shades. This means that you have a big pool to choose from. Note that as you enjoy painting your life with fun colors, ensure that your leggings are not over the top and odd.

3. Size

Getting the perfect size of leggings is an important matter. Never ever should you wear loose leggings or too tight leggings. While looking for the perfect size, you should be aware that leggings differ in size depending on the brand.

4. Choose Matte over shiny fabrics

When choosing leggings, it is advisable to settle for matte fabrics. This is because matte fabrics look more classy and sophisticated compared to shiny fabrics.

5. Pair them with the right shirt

Pairing leggings with long enough shirts makes you look stylish. Also, you should avoid wearing too tight and small fitting tops. Instead, go for loosely fitting and over-sized tops when it comes to leggings.

6. Footwear

It is advisable to pair your leggings with a pair of boots, a low heel or flats. Choosing the wrong footwear will make your look feel off.

7. Length

Leggings come in different lengths. There is full length, three quarter length, ankle length and knee length. The versatility of leggings can be manipulated by combining different lengths with different footwear. You can pair your ankle length leggings with heels for a glamorous and classy look.

8. Pair them with a cardiganLong cardigans do make a great combo when paired with leggings. You can opt for this option if you are unable to get a long shirt or you are uncomfortable with the long shirt.

When choosing the leggings to wear, here are the rules that you should always live by:


1. Wear seamless underwear.

2. Pay keen attention to these details. Length, Fabric and Prints if any exist on the leggings.

3. Wear the right size. If unsure, get a professional fitting done.

4. Pair your leggings with long loose fitting tops.

5. Get the right prints for your body type.

6. Choose the right shoe.

Never ever:

1. Wear thick underwear.

2. Wear a printed top with printed leggings.

3. Wear the wrong size of leggings. Your leggings should neither be too tight or too loose.

4. Wear leggings with crop tops.

5. Step out without feeling fabulous.

The advantage of hiring a local SEO agency

Why should you pick a local SEO services agency instead of one that is located abroad? Many positives and some negatives exist to selecting a small business Search engine optimization services company.Being a local SEO, the main objective of the firm would be to popularize the business at the local level among the local audience. This could be achieved by incorporating the name of the particular locality or region as one of the main keywords as this along with the long tail keywords would be likely to show up in any of the searches conducted by the local web users.

SEO by Tampa Florida SEO can be a difficult concept for many people to understand. SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization. Essentially, if you hire an SEO agency to optimize your website, your company will show up sooner in search engine results. This is important because you want your site to be one of the first ones a potential customer sees. SEO is advantageous because it drives more customers to your site that can translate into higher profits.

If you have an SEO agency working to optimize your results, you are going to be rewarded in a couple of ways. The most obvious way is that your website will show up sooner in the results on various search engines. The second way is through the development of backlinks. You want to have as many backlinks as possible so the site gets better rankings. Backlinks are typically located in your content that provides info on your business. This content is most often in the form of articles that contain links to the website that has been optimized. As such, these articles also show up in the results, which is even better for your site.

One important aspect of obtaining the services of an SEO agency is that they should know quite a bit about your business. Local SEO services agencies have an advantage over offshore SEO agencies in this regard. There are certain facts about companies that small business Search engine optimization services companies will have knowledge of that non-local companies will not. Customers like to choose companies that are familiar. They want to see words they know, which makes them feel more connected to the business and there will be an increased likelihood that they will click on your site, and eventually make a purchase. For these reasons, local SEO services agencies are a great choice for business owners to make.

Local SEO agencies though, do not have to exist in the exact same place as the actual company to be effective. The website should be located where the SEO agency is. The majority of SEO companies employ full-time writers to create website content so you want them to speak the language you are using on the website. The reason for this is that customers who are looking for an item that is locally available they will feel comfortable with the language of the articles produced by the SEO company.

Basically, the only reason local SEO companies are necessary is to write keyword-dense articles for SEO purposes. If search engines didn’t base ratings on articles, there would be no reason to have local SEO agencies at all.

Purpose of an SS-5 Form

It is filled to obtain another card or to replace a lost or damaged card. It is also filled in if you want to rectify the errors in the current records or to update the new information regarding Change of name, as it may happen in the case, you get married.

There is no provision to submit the form on the web; you can simply download. After completing the form, attach supporting reports that show age and citizenship and mail it to local Social Security workplaces. You can also select to transmit the final form personally at

Using a driving license in some situations is possible. In any case, the SD card is vital. In this line, you can not replace it with anything else. Within this total guide, you will learn everything there is to think about this card. You will also become familiar with how to obtain a replacement if yours is lost or stolen.

Situations that may justify the registration of the 88-5 form for another Social Security card or its replacement If your parents have not applied for a social security number

You must show that you do not have an SS number, and the workplaces of the Social Security Administration will talk to you face to face. When you are acquitted, you will complete Form 88-5 and send it to your workplace.

If your card is lost or damaged

The Social Security Administration will replace your lost or damaged card by a maximum number of three times per year. In a lifetime, the maximum you can replace is ten times. In each case, you must complete form SS-5.

After a name change

Your name can change when you get married or after a separation. Because it requires the new name to reflect Social Security records, it is necessary to complete form 88-5 to request another card with your new name. You will be asked to submit your original marriage certificate or legal documents along with the final form.

Due to the change of immigration status

In case your citizenship goes from being a legal housing agreement to being a citizen of the United States, you must request a Social Security card.

To adjust a spelling error in a name or other detail Because there is no provision for this in the form, you must attach a note detailing the error you want to be adjusted. At this time you will take after the same rules to apply, including linking the relevant support reports.

Request a ward

You can request your own adopted tyke. The SS form is the same but will require documents that show that the child is yours. A descendant of any age, even a newly conceived, is qualified. In fact, you must apply Social Security for your child as soon as possible.