Are Custom Engagement Rings More Expensive?

Yes but not always. In most cases, the factors that increase the cost are quite obvious. For example, unlike ready made rings, mass production for custom made rings is not possible. This is because they have to be made as single units and in most cases by hand. This requires extra labour and therefore extra cost. This is just one of the many factors that can increase the cost of custom made rings. Here is a list of other reasons why custom engagement rings are more expensive.

a) The Weight of the Jewellery

When readymade engagement rings are manufactured, the weights are carefully controlled to ensure cost management. By doing this often, they learn how many carats of either gold or diamond are ideal for a fairly priced ring. This changes significantly when a ring is custom made. Since they are designed based on the client’s specifications, the cost of the precious stones or materials used can rise significantly.

b) The Type of Material Used

According to jewellery experts, there are certain materials that are scarce making the ability to choose harder. For example, one can either use 14 carats of gold or 18 carats depending on their spending ability. Such choices are not possible when dealing with platinum. Therefore, while platinum has a lower market rate, it is more expensive when it comes to making jewellery.

c) Design Fee

Some of the designs that clients ask for are so intricate that they require a lot of creativity and attention. As such a design fee has to be included in addition to other normal costs. This automatically increases the overall cost of the ring. These costs also include the provision for adding personal gems, possibly passed down the family or given by friends. This requires additional time and more consultation. All these factors have to be incorporated when calculating the final cost of the product.

d) Availability of Materials

In some cases, some of the required materials for use in making the engagement ring may be unavailable in the jewellery shop. This means that the ring maker will have to incur additional cost to fetch them. This is unlike readymade rings where a customer buys what is available in the display at the set price. Simply, the uniqueness that comes with customer designs often requires extra work which the jeweller will most likely charge for.

However, there are times when custom made engagement rings are cheaper. This can be when;

a) The Jeweller is Cheap

The price of any ring depends on where you buy it. There are rarely standard prices for jewellery. Therefore, while custom made engagement rings can be expensive. Some shops may offer prices that are much lower than those for readymade rings.

b) Exclusion of Logos or Brands

There are some readymade engagement rings that have a high cost due to association with certain brand names. By making custom made rings that exclude these brand names or logos, it is possible to lower the cost significantly.

c) Availability of Choice of Design and Materials

Custom designing an engagement ring can help reduce the quantity of precious stones used, too much intricate design, or even the size. In that case, the ring’s final cost can end up being much lower than the average ring.